Silver Bar

Silver bars are produced from silver ores and silver is found as a by-product of the mining of other metals, for example, copper, gold, and lead. Silver bars are also produced through silver scrap which has been collected to recycle.

Fine silver is cast into bars. For the production process of silver granules silver melt through a stainless-steel strainer, the forming stream is separated and cooled abruptly in a turbulent water quench. Silver Bar Pills Silver has unique antibacterial qualities and thus it reduces infection and supports the healing process in pharmaceutical applications.

Silver is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry. The medical uses of silver include its uses in wound dressing, creams, and as an antibiotic coating on medical devices. Silver has low toxicity, and very low risk is expected when silver is used in approved medicines. Other medicine products such as colloidal silver are not safe or effective.

Silver bar in Cameroon Bekora miners are based in Cameroon. Silver bars and granules are manufactured in Cameroon. .

Products are delivered all over the world.

They are packaged for shipment in the containers requested by the customer. Products are delivered as shown in the photos.

Silver bar price The price of the bar depends on the size and shape of the bar. Price also depends on the silver spot price at the time of the purchase.

Product description

Product name: fine silver granules 99.99%Ag Fine silver bars 99.99% Ag Size:1-10mm granules

Usage: electrical and electronics industries, the pharmaceutical industry, solar energy, coin production, and investment bars

Dimensions of silver bars: Length: top surface 345 mm, the bottom surface 316 mm

Width: top surface 120 mm, the bottom surface 86 mm

Height: 85 mm Weight: 23.3276- 31.103 kg

Price of silver bar: 292.00 $per 1-5 ounce Price of silver granules: 106.58$ each.