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Gold Dore Bars are rough gold typically about 80 percent pure gold. After mining these bars, the bars are then sent to our refineries where they are processed to produce various sizes and purity of gold at a minimum of 92 % . CHARIOT COMPANY LTD usually refine all the gold dore bars we mine in our government refinery although occasionally we may sell them to other refineries.

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Dore bar is a mixture of precious metals. These bars are the result of removing all non-metal particles out of the gold ore, there are no hollows, dirt, or other such things. Just metal. Pure gold is being separated from other substances and elements by chemical. For grater purity the electrolytic method is used which is quite expensive. These bars generally contain gold and silver. A gold bar is produced during the mining and refining process, but it can also be created from scrap gold, and by melting gold jewelry. These bars are used as raw material for producing gold items. Gold bars are partially refined form of gold.

Gold Dore Bars Purity

CHARIOT COMPANY LTD mine and refine these bars in their own refineries and these Dore bars contain 98.75% of pure gold (according to a certificate of analysis at origin). These bars need further refinement before they can be used for producing different items. Therefore, they are neither ore nor bullion, these are simply metal bars with high content of gold.

Gold Dore price per kg

The price of the Dore bar is US$30,000/kg Net. Prices are quite high because in these bars purest form of gold is used. These Dore bars contain 23+ carats gold (according to certificate of original analysis).

Gold Dore Bar Market

They are assessed for their gold content. The market of the gold bar is very small, and it is limited to few buyers, specialist dealers and refiners. That is why dore bars are not held to any specific standard and their standard vary from refiners to refiners. Weight and purity of the gold is also vary from refiner to refiner, some of these bars can weigh as much as 5 kg.

Fineness of Gold Dore Bars

For ease of use it is common for miners to partially refine the ore they produce. In this way any waste material which have no further use can be removed, while reducing the output to manageable compact bars. In this process any dirt, rocks are removed, leaving a single chunk of gold. The resulting mixture are referred to as dore bars. the main reason for creating dore bars is to facilitate handling by now dealing with larger chunks of gold bearing amalgam, rather than loose particles. The gold bars are pure enough, and large enough for gold refineries to handle. These bars are easy to handle in comparison to having all kind of other loose stuff.

Gold Dore Bar vs Bullion

Gold Dore bars are not bullion nor ore. They are just a piece of high gold content precious metal amalgam.

Product description

Product: Dore bars(gold)
Purity: 98.75% gold
Fineness: 23+ carats
Origin: Africa / Cameroon
Price: US$ 30,000 / kilogram net
Packaging: internationally accepted metal boxes
Shape: rectangular
Uses: jewelry
Surface finishing: gold plated.